Transfer Students
Transfer Students
Transfer Students

Students who want to transfer credits to our university must complete their application and become a registered student. They can then visit the Student Affairs Office to make a transfer application. Please note that we cannot provide any information regarding the transfer of courses. The decision will be made by the faculty you have applied for and enrolled to. 
If you are willing to transfer course credit you would still need to apply as a freshman student. After finalizing your registration, your Bachelor’s or Master’s transcript will be sent to the respective faculty. The faculty admission committee will evaluate your transcript record and make the final decision on which courses can be transferred. We would like to kindly emphasize that, regardless of these application procedures, there is no guarantee that your courses can be transferred. This decision is strictly up to the faculty committee’s decision to approve, deny, and/or consider transfer applications.


Required Documents:

  1. Transcript: The transcript must mention all the courses completed, grades earned, and the cumulative grade point average (CGPA). Note: This document must be in a sealed envelope.
  2. Student Certificate: This document must be in a sealed envelope.
  3. Course content: This document should include information about the curriculum, course material, and any other relevant departmental information.
  4. High school diploma 
  5. Equivalency document: Transfers made between the institutions should present an equivalency document that is recognized by the Council of Higher Education.

Applications must be submitted by hand or mailed to the Student Affairs Office. Delays in postal service are not considered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you register at BAU, course records – such as transfer credits and course descriptions – must be checked and approved by the relevant faculty academic advisors.