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Transfer Students

There are two ways to transfer your common courses and continue your education at BAU. If you are going to transfer to Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy program, you must follow the steps of Lateral Transfer Application.

Lateral Transfer Application

Lateral transfer applications are being held once in a year during the period determined on the academic calendar to accept transfer students from different universities globally. These transfer seats are limited for each department we have in the university and students can make their application to transfer to any of them.

Please note that, if a student is applying to Lateral Transfer seats, they need to be a continuing student in their current universities.

Check the academic calendar to see the dates for lateral transfer application period. Also, it is highly recommended to follow up the news on Student Affairs website.

Required Documents
  • Latest Transcript (English and Turkish)
  • Course Contents (English or Turkish)
  • Passport and ID Card
  • Disciplinary Status Document
  • Language Proficiency
  • Student Certificate
  • High School Diploma & Transcript
  • University Recognition Certificate
  • University Student ID Card
  • Entry-Exit Records to the Related Country

Transferring Credits as a Freshman

Students who wish to transfer credits to our university in this way, must first complete their freshman application through the application portal and be accepted. After finalizing all admission steps, becoming a registered student and passing the language proficiency exam in Istanbul, they can apply for “Credit Transfer” through their student portal to equalize their successful subjects.

Notice: We do not accept transfer students to Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy programs through this way.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information on the percentage of lectures that can be transferred. This decision will be made by the Faculty Commission after you become a registered student and submit your Credit Transfer Application. Remember, this is an official process that can only take place when the commission gathers. For the Credit Transfer Application, you will need the Official Transcript and Official Course Contents (all papers should be stamped and signed by your previous university).

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