Everything You Need to know!
Everything You Need to know!
Everything You Need to know!

Are you lost on your way to BAU? We’ve provided the videos below to make the process of being a BAU student as smooth as possible for you!

How to Apply & Register to BAU?

Are you wondering about the application process and how to register at BAU?
Alireza is here to explain the application and registration process for international applicants step by step!

How to Choose Your Dream Program?

The question of which program to study is what every student goes through! Watch this video so you can discover and find your dream program!
After watching the video you can go through our programs from HERE!

BAU Campuses in Istanbul

BAU has 7 campuses in Istanbul and each campus hosts specific faculties. In this video, Alireza goes through the campuses one by one and introduces them to you!

Dormitories and BAU

One of the biggest concerns of international students is accommodation. In this video, Alireza explains the dorms that BAU has partnerships with their information.

What is the academic calendar?

As a student, you need to be updated with the important dates of the university. In this video, Alireza explains why the Academic calendar is important and how you can access it.

You can find the academic calendar HERE.

What is course selection and how you can do it?

In this video, Alireza explains the 5-course classifications in BAU and how you can easily register your courses through your student portal after you become a BAU student.

Visa, Student Residence Permit, and Equivalency (Denklik)

Visa, student residence permit, and your equivalency are 3 important factors for you to be able to continue and finish your studies in Turkey. In this video, Alireza explains everything about them and how you can obtain them.

How to request official documents from university?

In some cases, you may need some official documents from the university. In this video Alireza explains the process of getting official documents from the university step by step.

Important units in BAU!

We feel that the complications of university life might cause some problems for you! In this video, Alireza introduces all the important units in BAU and how they can help you.

Lastly, BAU rector shares some words with you

Our rector, Prof.Dr. Şirin Karadeniz has some words to our prospective international students.