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Visa and Residence Permit

Before Arrival (Visa)

Students should check their visa requirements based on different citizenship through the following website.

If you need to have Visa to enter Turkey, you can apply for it with your Official Acceptance Letter which states that you will be our student here in Turkey.

Important Note: International students under the age of 18, who will be enrolled, need to enter Turkey with a student visa to avoid any issues in residence permit procedures, even if they do not require a visa to enter Turkey. Otherwise, they will need to find a legal guardian in Turkey for residence permit application and processes.

Candidates who are over 18 years old and are exempt from a visa to be present in Turkey for enrollment, do not need apply for student visa before arrival. All other types of visas or legal entrance procedures will be accepted by BAU for registration as well.

After Arrival (Residence Permit)

After you finalized your enrollment process in İstanbul and become a registered BAU student, visit International Office so we can assist you with the Student Residence Permit application process. Please check Registration Guide page in advance.

After registration, all international students are required to have a student residence permit. In order to have application documents submitted/approved in a proper and faster way, BAU International Office will assist you through the whole application process and deliver your file to Directorate General of Migration Management.

Important Note: It is the student’s responsibility to apply and follow the student residence permit process, to stay as an active registered student, to make payments on time, and not to leave Turkey until collecting the student residence permit card.

BAU International Office can not be held responsible if the student fails to apply on time or properly. It is highly recommended to visit BAU International Office right after your enrollment is done, in order to apply for student residence permit properly.

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