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You can only apply online through the Application Portal and track your application there as well. Remember you will need to provide original hard copies at the registration office later on.
Due to the regulations of Council of Higher Education in Turkey, there is only Fall semester (September) intake for undergraduate programs. For the graduate programs, BAU has two intakes in a year which are Fall semester (September) and Spring semester (March) intakes.
  • Fall intake deadline: late-August
  • Spring intake deadline: late-February
Each application is evaluated according to Head of Institutions as every academic year Council of Higher Education Regulations might be updated. Your application, along with the submitted documents (Transcript, CV, recommendation letter, etc.) will be reviewed by the Admission Council of the department you have applied to.
Scholarship Options for Undergraduate Students:
  1. Success Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a student at the end of their second year, if they rank the first or second in their department, on a list published by the university. If they are placed first in their department, they receive a 100% scholarship. if they are ranked second, they are awarded a 50% scholarship for the following year. To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must complete four semesters.
  2. Siblings Discount: a 10% discount is given to siblings who are studying in the same level; undergraduate, or Graduate.
  3. ApplyBAU partial scholarships are available for specific programs. If you are applying for one of these programs, you can apply for a partial talent-based scholarship through ApplyBAU with your application pin-code.
Scholarship Options for Master's Degree Students: A GPA scolarship will be granted to a master's degree applicant if their bachelor's degree GPA is above 2.3 out of 4. This Scholarship is cannot be applied to a Distance Education program.
Please check the Tuition Fees page for the updated tuition fees.
Your application will be reviewed within 2 weeks and after the approval, the conditional acceptance letter will be sent to your email as proof that your application was accepted. This condition refers to the quota limit in each department, which is decided by the Council of Higher Education. Therefore, to secure your seat, we kindly request you to complete the deposit payment by the deadline you have been given.
After the approval of your application, a non-refundable deposit  should be paid. The deposit is considered as a guarantee of the applicant’s intent to enroll at BAU. This deposit amount will then be deducted from the tuition fee at registration.
An acceptance letter is a document which confirms that you are officially accepted by the university and your seat is reserved in the department. You receive this letter when your deposit payment is confirmed. This letter can be used in the student visa application as well.
Once you applied to any graduate program, BAU admissions team will check your university through the government system. If your university is recognized by Turkish authorities, you will be able to proceed for the admission steps.
Yurdum Student Dormitory sgl / dbl / trpl per person Private flat 1+1 / 2+1
Rent $700 / $950 $500 / $750
Gas / Electricity / Water included in rent $50
Internet included in rent $10
Food $150 – 300 $150 - 300
Mobile phone $10 $10
Transportation $10 $10
Entertainment $50 – $100 $50 – $100
Health insurance $50 - $100 per year $50 - $100 per year
Total per month per person $970 – 1470 $830 - 1320 per person in a shared flat
NOTE: Accommodation, meals, transportation, school supplies etc. are not included in tuition fee. Students themselves are responsible for arranging and paying their accommodation and other personal expenses. *sgl - single, dbl – double, tpl – triple
As a city university, Bahçeşehir campuses only include academic and administrative facilities. The campuses do not offer on-campus dormitories. However, BAU offers on-campus accommodation only in BAU Future campus. For more information regarding the dormitories at the Future Campus, you can contact: yeliz.ince@bau.edu.tr In addition to that, BAU is affiliated with a student dormitory, REPUBLIKA Residence, which is located 10-15 minutes from the main campus.  For more information on Republika, please click here. For reservations and inquiries: info@republika.com.tr Contact numbers:   
  • Ortaköy: 0212 318 34 34
  • Maslak: 0212 401 80 80
  Also, there is “Beşiktaş Kız Yurdu” which is really close to the main campus, and located in the center of Beşiktaş; www.besiktaskizyurdu.com.tr info@besiktaskizyurdu.com.tr Other than these, there are several female student dorms in Beşiktaş which will be very close to your faculty. You can literally check google maps. This is where your campus located. There is another dorm option below for you. AKARETLER LİBERTY BEŞİKTAŞ KIZ ÖĞRENCİ YURDU info@akaretlerbesiktas.com  
  • +90 212 260 4747
  • +90 212 260 4741
  • +90 212 260 4742
Some useful sources to consider while finding private accommodation:
If you don’t have the required language proficiency exam scores, you can take the BAU English or Turkish Proficiency Exams (only for registered students). The exams are free of charge and the dates will be given to you right after your registration process is completed at the campus. To find out about the required scores for specific programs, please refer to the “What language certificates are accepted by BAU?” section. The exam has two parts: Placement and Proficiency, taken in two separate days. Students with the required test scores, or those who pass the BAU proficiency exams after registration, will start their programs. Don't forget to get the necessary documents from the Student Affairs Office to enter the language Placement/Proficiency exams while registering at the university.
Please check Language Proficiency page to review updated language requirements for both English and Turkish programs.
Undergraduate students should pay their yearly tuition fee in two installments. Master's degree students should pay their program tuition in three installments.
    There are four ways to complete your payment:
  1. Pay by credit card at the university financial office
  2. Pay by cash at Denizbank BAU branch
  3. Wire transfer to any of the Denizbank accounts mentioned below
  4. Pay online through the application portal or UMIS (for current students).
NOTE: Please keep the receipt to confirm payment! USD Account Information
  • Bank Name: Denizbank
  • Branch: Surdışı Ticari Merkez Şubesi
  • Account Name: Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi
  • Account No: 4510- 1992146-473
  • IBAN: TR21 0013 4000 0019 9214 6005 28
TL Account Information
  • Bank Name: Denizbank
  • Branch: Surdışı Ticari Merkez Şubesi
  • Account Name: Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi
  • Account Number: 4510-1992146-377
  • IBAN: TR09 0013 4000 0019 9214 6003 56
EUR Account Information
  • Bank Name: Denizbank
  • Branch: Surdışı Ticari Merkez Şubesi
  • Account Name: Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi
  • Account Number: 4510-1992146-371
  • IBAN: TR74 0013 4000 0019 9214 6003 50
Students who pay through direct deposit, should email a SWIFT confirmation to the International Recruitment and Marketing Office before registration.
The first-semester tuition fee should be paid in order to complete the registration process. Remember the deposit amount will be deducted from the first semester tuition fee. If your deposit amount you paid already covers it, you can directly complete the registration. First semester tuition fee is the half of the yearly tuition fee for the bachelor's degree students, and one third of the program fee for the master's degree students. Associate degree students must pay the whole first year tuition fee as their deposit and registration fee.
Please check the Registration Guide page to review updated registration documents.
The equivalency certificate of high school diploma (also known as Denklik) is authorized by the Turkish Ministry of National Education. This letter certifies that your high school diploma is equal to a Turkish high school diploma. The document can be issued by the Turkish Consulate in your country or the official equivalency offices in Istanbul. To apply in Turkiye, students can go to the International Office at the university with their documents. The required documents are; 1. Passport 2. Residence Permit Card 3. Original and translated copies of high school diploma 4. Original and translated copies of high school transcripts (All years) All of your high school documents must be stamped and approved by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Consulate in your country in order to be used for international purposes. The official translations can be in English or Turkish. *Documents issued from countries who are part of the Apostille agreement can get the Apostille stamp on their documents. You can contact our specialist if you have any further questions. Ms. Eslem OZOGLU (eslem.ozoglu@bau.edu.tr)
Students can visit any of the IETT application centers or kiosks, to apply for the discounted student transportation card.  Required Documents:
  •       Student Certificate in Turkish
  •       80 liras for the card fee
  •       Passport / Residence Permit
  •       Personal Photograph
The closest IETT Application center to the South Campus Additionally, you can check our website for the free BAU shuttle bus services to our other campuses.
You will need to obtain a Student Certificate (Öğrenci Belgesi) for various administrative work, such as for the residence permit and student transportation card. You can obtain your student certificate by accessing and applying through the UMIS system. Please follow the steps below:
  • 1. Open your UMIS System: https://umis.bau.edu.tr/
  • 2. Click on Document Request
  • 3. Pick the document type, language and type of delivery
  • 4. Then approve your request
  • 5. Go to “My requests” and download the document when the status changes from waiting to ready.
After registration, you will receive your username and password. You can log in with your username and password to access the university’s WiFi (2020).  Additionally, you can also use them when logging into UMIS and Itslearning.
After paying the tuition fee and finishing the registration process, you will be issued a “STUDENT IDENTIFICATION CARD” at Student Affairs. You will need this ID card to enter the campuses and to use any facility on campus, such as the library, and computer rooms. You will be notified by email when your Student ID card is ready. You can pick up your card from Student Affairs.
Please visit the Programs page to see all the programs offered in BAU. You can check program structures and course details through this page.
Please check Visa and Residence Permit page to see the updated information regarding visa requirements.
After you complete your registration, please visit the International Office on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00. We will help you with your Residence Permit application process. Foreign students need to visit the Residence Permit Office to learn more about the process after registering. For any questions, you can email us at residencepermit@int.bau.edu.tr
  • 4 Passport Photographs (Biometric) (Make sure teeth are not visible and with a white background and facing forward).
  • Tax Payment (565 TL):
    • If you don’t have a Tax number, you should go to Şişli Tax Office in person (Vergi Dairesi).
    • If you have a residence permit ID number or a Tax Number, you can go to Ziraat Bank in Besiktaş Çarşı next to the Campus.
  • Photocopy of Passport (Main Page) + Last entry stamp to Turkey + visa page (if you have).
  • Health Insurance. (at least 1 year validity period and in Turkish, just first four pages).
  • Student Certificate, Must Be in Turkish, stamped and signed by the relevant department, or provided by e-devlet. (Issued within a month).
  • To prove your accommodation, you must provide one of the following:
    • You can provide a notarized house contract.
    •  Taahhütname (a commitment paper from the person you live with or the house owner.) and a bill under the taahhütname provider and taahhütname provider's nüfus.
If the provider of "Taahhütname" is a Turkish citizen: 1. Married Provider: Their spouse must either sign the same commitment document or provide another commitment document as well. The commitment document provider must also provide the following
  • Address Registration Document (Nüfus/Yerlesim Yeri Belgesi)
  • Certificate of identity (Vukuatli Nüfus Kayit Örnegi)
  • A bill (gas, electricity, or water) under commitment document providers' name.
2. Unmarried Provider: The commitment document provider must provide the following:
  • Address Registration Document (Nüfus/Yerleşim Yeri Belgesi)
  • Certificate of identity (Vukuatli Nüfus Kayıt Örneği)
  • A bill (gas, electricity, or water) under commitment document provider's name.
If the provider of taahütname is a foreigner, the commitment document provider must provide the following:
  • Address Registration Document (Nüfus/Yerlesim Yeri Belgesi)
  • A bill (gas, electricity, or water) under commitment document providers' name
If you are the owner of the house, you can provide an ownership certificate photocopy (TAPU) along with the numarataj (can be obtained from the municipality (belediye). In the case of living in a dormitory of the university or the dormitory of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, a dormitory letter is sufficient. If not, you need to provide the documents listed below;
  • Signature circular (imza sirküleri)
  • Tax certificate (vergi levhasi)
  • Payment receipt (ödeme makbuzu)
  • Dormitory letter with signature and stamp of the dormitory manager
For any questions, you can email us at residencepermit@int.bau.edu.tr
Under Turkish law, international students must apply for a residence permit before their visa expires. If you entered Turkey without a visa, you must apply for a residence permit within the legal period of stay according to your passport. The application process can take up to 90 days, leaving Turkey while processing the permit will cancel out your application. So, it's best not to leave Turkey until you get your permit. Please review the Visa and Residence Permit page to find out more. We recommend you visit the International Office on campus to apply for your residence permit in person. For any questions, you can email us at residencepermit@int.bau.edu.tr
Official acceptance letter will be sent to you by e-mail, after completing your deposit payment. If you need a visa to come to Turkey, you can apply with your Official Acceptance Letter. Check your visa status If you need to present a visa support letter, please contact us: intoffice@int.bau.edu.tr
Health insurance is mandatory when applying for the residence permit in Turkey. BAU can assist you with acquiring health insurance from a company after registration. Please present the following documents when applying for health insurance:
  • Passport
  • Address
  • Telephone number
Please check the Transfer Students page to review updated information regarding transfer process.
Students who wish to transfer credits to our university must complete the admission process and register as freshmen. Once registered, students should upload their official transcripts to UMIS and wait for the faculty's decision regarding transfer credits. Please note that we cannot provide any information about the percentage of credits that will be accepted for transfer until the faculty reviews your application. This decision will be made by the Faculty Commission after you have uploaded your transcripts to UMIS and completed your registration. This is an official process that will take place when the commission convenes. For the Credit Transfer Application, ensure that your Official Transcript and Official Course Contents are prepared (all documents must be stamped and signed by your previous university). To read more about Transfer applications, click here. To reach the structures and contents of the programs offered at BAU, you can click this link.
If you are having any trouble about your agency system please send an e-mail to selcuk.oturak@bau.edu.tr
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