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Rules to follow during Hybrid Education

1. Our priority is your health. We care about our employees and students to be vaccinated. As the first university to build vaccination points in our school, we are waiting for our voluntary unvaccinated students. Even though we are vaccinated masks, distance, and hygiene rules are still need to be followed to the maximum. For all of our health, it is mandatory to follow the measures in the classrooms, hallways, libraries.

2. You must have defined your indefinite HES codes in your profile on at least 6 hours before entering the campuses therefore you will not experience any problems while entering the campuses. In this way, your HES codes will be integrated with your university IDs. Thanks to our system, which is integrated with the Ministry of Health system, at the entrance to the campuses, HES codes, vaccine, and PCR test information will be uploaded to your identity cards. These checks are made when you scan your card on the turnstile. If you have a problem, you can contact security. Every day, we follow the HES codes and risk status of our students and employees from the Ministry of Health System.

3. In this process, our university established Turkey’s first Hybrid Education Center, increased its technological infrastructure investments, and continues its leadership with hyflex classrooms and FlexiBAU Education Model.

4. The teaching style of the courses may differ from one faculty to another because of the differences in the fields of their specialization. Carefully follow the announcements made by the academic unit you are a student of.

5. Finals, makeup exams, and single-course exams will be in person on our campuses, and information about the method of assessment instruments will be determined by the lecturer and announced via the syllabus.

6. The S/R grade conversion was only for the 2019-2020 academic year spring semester and summer school and 2020-2021 academic year. It will not be implemented in the 2021-2022 academic year and thereafter.

7. The capacity of reduced classes at our university is 1/2 of the maximum class capacity, according to the criteria specified by the Scientific Committees. The reduced capacity of each class is determined and announced at the classroom entrances.

8. The seating arrangement in classrooms is determined according to the safe distance rule and our students are expected to follow these rules. Students who do not have classes must not enter the classrooms. This is not a choice, it is a necessity due to the pandemic. Our students will not take off their masks during class, but our lectures can take off their masks while teaching if they want to and if they keep a safe distance.

9. If there is a Covid case in any of the classrooms, we will act within the framework of the rules set by our Science Board for the health and safety of all of us.

10. In the hybrid model, on one hand the lessons will be taught face-to-face in the classroom on the other hand our students will be able to attend the lesson simultaneously (synchronously) and online. Accordingly, some of our courses will be taught entirely online, and other courses will be conducted as a hybrid (face-to-face + online mix). Our students can see from syllabuses whether their lessons are hybrid or fully online. Please carefully examine your syllabuses in the first week. Remember that it is your responsibility to follow the rules of the Syllabus.

11. In reduced classes due to the pandemic, some weeks our students will attend classes face-to-face and some weeks they will attend it online. Relevant orientation will be made by the lecturer of the course. For example, considering the class sizes together with the capacity of the halls, students will be able to come to class face to face by dividing it into two and skipping one week each.

12. The student will take face-to-face attendance during the weeks when he/she needs to attend the classes face-to-face, and online during the weeks when he/she needs to attend the classes online. Participation details will be announced in the syllabus and necessary announcements will be made by the lecturer to the students.

13. A lesson will be a maximum of 45 minutes. During face-to-face education, there will be no block lessons and it is recommended that all students go out of the building to the open air at the end of the lesson. With this application, windows will be opened during the lesson break and the building will be ventilated.

14. In online classes, the rule of 50 minutes of lecture and 10 minutes recess will continue; There will be no restriction regarding the block course. The first rule of interaction is that all parties are open to communication. To increase interaction and focus on the lesson in hybrid and online lessons, our students must turn on their cameras. Our students are expected to be in an environment ready to listen to the lecture (the background is a stable and flat floor). “Bring Your Device Classrooms” have been created on our campuses to enable you to attend your online classes.

15. All of the online communication tools you used during the pandemic will continue to be active in this process. Even when we are all together on the campus you can still connect to all academic and administrative units online.

Following the course of the pandemic, there might be changes in our decision in line with the decisions and guidelines coming from the authorities we are affiliated with. We remind you again that our priority is the physical, mental, and psychological well-being of the BAU family. We wish you a successful term.

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