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School of Dental Medicine

Dental Medicine

Bahçeşehir University School of Dental Medicine; aims to train world class dentists who knows that oral and dental health is an important part of general health, can work independently, has the ability to think critically and has the ability to solve problems and has the universal "access to information" and "information-use" skills required for the protection of oral and dental health, who are sensitive to the problems of the country, who are successful in their profession and in the business world, who are open to competition, who protect our artistic, cultural and historical values, are sensitive to public health and provide high level health services.

  • Undergraduate
  • 5 Years
  • English

With the “holistic patient treatment approach” targeted by our faculty, the expanded educational curriculum that includes “Digital-Aesthetic-Implant Dentistry” applications, which emerged as a result of current technological developments, will be differentiated to other Dentistry Undergraduate Programs.

In accordance with this purpose; Bahçeşehir University School of Dental Medicine Program Outcomes were matched with the key Dental Education Core Training Program (DUÇEP -2016 Version 3.0). Students who successfully complete the first two years of the dentistry education program are given the title of “Degree in Basic Dentistry” and the students who complete the five-year faculty of dentistry are given the title of Graduate Diploma in Dentistry”.

Graduates of the program;

1. Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry have the opportunity to work in public or as free dentists.

2. They can work in all hospitals, oral-dental health centers, and polyclinics of the Ministry of Health.

3. They can open their private practice and work as a self-employed physician or by establishing joint polyclinics with their colleagues.

4. They can work as a permanent dentist in private hospitals, oral-dental health centers, and polyclinics.

5. They can have an academic career in public and private universities.

6. Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry can do a doctorate in science in the field of dentistry and basic medical sciences and can make expertise in dentistry.

7. Graduates who want to practice in Dentistry; According to the results of the Specialization Training Entrance Examination (DUS), which is held once a year by the ÖSYM, they are accepted to the specialist education and they start their specialization training in the Faculty of Dentistry of the state and foundation universities or in the Faculty of Dentistry on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

8. Graduates wishing to pursue a doctorate in science; can apply to clinical dentistry doctoral programs at the faculties of dentistry at the state or private universities and to the doctoral programs of basic medical sciences at the medical faculties. Those who are successful as a result of the evaluation will start their Ph.D.


About Program

  • Level Undergraduate
  • Duration 5 Years
  • Language English
  • Education Type On Campus
  • Campus Beşiktaş
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