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Graduate School of Educational Sciences

Guidance and Counseling (English – Thesis)

The program trains the qualified counselors, who work in education, health, social services, industry, security and justice, helps individuals to develop healthy personality and cope with personal problems.

  • Master
  • 2 Years
  • English

Program Description

The aim of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Master’s Program is to provide our students with the scientific competence to provide personal-social, educational, vocational counseling and guidance services in the most appropriate way (individually and in groups) in response to the psychological assistance needs of children and young people who continue their education. This program is aimed to train psychological counselors who are competent to work effectively in health, social aid, and industrial institutions as well as have the qualifications to meet the needs of psychological counselors in educational institutions. In addition, we make our students sensitive to important social problems, especially the educational problems of our country; be able to produce solutions and serve these problems; will be able to follow national and international literature with scientific curiosity; constantly improving itself, centered on respect and sensitivity to life and people; It is among the priorities of the program to train as professionals who are committed to both universal and professional ethical principles.

Master’s Program With Thesis

The duration of the master’s program with a thesis is four semesters, regardless of whether or not they have registered for each semester, starting from the semester in which the courses related to the program they enrolled, except for the time spent in scientific preparation, the program is completed in maximum six semesters.

Failed to successfully complete the credit courses in the curriculum at the end of four semesters or fail to meet the success conditions/criteria stipulated by the higher education institution within this period; The student who fails in the thesis study or who does not enter the thesis defense within the maximum period is dismissed from the higher education institution.

If the student fails in the program with thesis requests, the master’s diploma without a thesis is given, provided that he/she has fulfilled the course credit load, project writing, and similar requirements of the master’s program without a thesis.


About Program

  • Level Master
  • Duration 2 Years
  • Language English
  • Education Type On Campus
  • Campus Beşiktaş South Campus
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