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School of Educational Sciences

Psychological Counseling & Guidance

The educational sciences consist of the theoretical foundations of education in addition to their applications in current topics related to education.

  • Undergraduate
  • 4 Years
  • English

The educational sciences consist of the theoretical foundations of education in addition to their applications in current topics related to education. A number of sub-disciplines are incorporated under the heading of educational sciences, including learning psychology, psychological counseling and guidance, assessment and evaluation methods, classroom management, curriculum planning, and specifications of educational policies.

Education is a life-long process; information exchanges between learners and teachers represent merely one aspect of this process. The department adopts the century-old belief that individuals’ ages, personalities, and abilities shape their learning experiences; therefore, frameworks of educational practices that are presented within the department take such differences into consideration. As communities, individuals and their educational needs have changed over time, so have the different theories and methods that address them. Technological innovation, too, has contributed – and, indeed, continues to contribute – to this evolution. The educational sciences of today do not focus exclusively on training teachers. Rather, their scope has expanded to encompass the institutionalization of educational content and lesson plans at all ages and learning levels. An important by-product of this knowledge includes students’ ability to evaluate government-mandated educational policies critically. An ability to engage with today’s broader notion of education – which encompasses pre-school education, distance learning, lifelong learning and continuing education – represents a second important outcome.

In today’s professional life in which teaching knowledge and skills provide extra advantages to individuals from every field, courses in the educational sciences concern not only students who want to be teachers but also those from other disciplines. The educational sciences provide individuals with some of the basic qualifications that they can use in both their personal and professional lives.

The main purpose of The Educational Sciences Department in our university is to incorporate the courses already provided by The Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies and to make these courses available to all the students in The Faculty of Educational Sciences. With this fusion, students will have access to some important qualifications for a career in education. Graduate programs will open in the future to build on the knowledge that students have gained in The Educational Sciences Department.  This department is not an undergraduate program, but, rather, a set of courses that addresses the needs for the educational sciences at the university.

Currently, there is The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program in The Department of Educational Sciences.



About Program

  • Level Undergraduate
  • Duration 4 Years
  • Language English
  • Education Type On Campus
  • Campus Beşiktaş South Campus
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