Registration for Undergraduate Students
Registration for Undergraduate Students
Registration for Undergraduate Students

In order to finalize the registration, student candidate should be present at BAU Beşiktaş South Campus with the original hard copies of the required documents. The list of required documents for the registration is mentioned below:

    1. Passport
    2. High School Diploma (Turkish or English)
    3. High School Transcript (Full years of high school, 9th 10th 11th and 12th grades) (Turkish or English)
    4. Equivalency Document (It can be provided from the embassies of Turkey or after registration from government’s offices in Istanbul.)
    5. Original copy of Official Acceptance Letter (can be obtained from International Office during registration)
    6. 1 Photo
    7. The receipt of deposit payment and the receipt of the remaining fee for the first semester after deposit deduction (can be paid via swift or on campus via credit card or cash during registration)
    8. Acceptable English proficiency certificate (if any)

Please note that, all the high school documents must be stamped and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country in order to be used for international purposes.